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20 Ways to Use Your Turkish Towel

After a hot shower or a quick dip in the pool, wrapping yourself in an Elile Loom organic Turkish cotton towel is just the beginning. Loved for their versatility, here are 20 fun ways to use your Turkish towels.

1. Wall Tapestry: Hang a Turkish towel on the wall above your bed, sofa or any large wall that needs some interest. You can hang it vertically or horizontally, depending on the space you need to fill.

2. Tablecloth: Add whimsy and class to any party. Lay a Turkish towel on the floor or on a table, then set-up the dishes. Don't forget the accent napkins.

3. Bed Blanket: Drape it over the footboard or on the end of the bed so it's easily reachable for cold nights or long naps. In the guest room? Add a tray and a few toiletries to welcome overnight guests.

4. Stroller Cover: A towel is always useful, from snacks in the park to wiping down morning dew at the park. Pack one along to shield kids from the sun or rain.

5. Picnic Blanket: Lay a Turkish towel or two on the ground for a simple picnic blanket. After you eat, shake it off, roll it up and you're on your way.

6. Porch Blanket: Make a welcoming entrance with a towel draped on a rocking chair on your front porch or folded on a bench around a bonfire.

7. Headboard: Pin it up above your bed for a statement piece above your bed.

8. Chair/Sofa Cover: Drape a towel over a chair or sofa to use as a protective cover. Perfect for when guests come and sit in a furry friend's favorite spot. 

9. Ladder Accessory: Let these colorful pieces of art be seen. Layer them on ladders for added color and softness.

10. Umbrella: We're not kidding! Hold the towel over your head as you make your quick exit. What's more, Turkish towels are quick drying for easy clean up.

11. Door Tapestry: Hang a towel in an open door frame to close off a room for added privacy and charm.

12. Table Runner: Add a Turkish towel to a buffet or a bedroom dresser. It will help protect the furniture from scratches.

13. Yoga Mat Cover: Keep your mat dry and your toes in place for Hot Yoga. Don't forget an extra to wipe off sweat.

14. Travel Blanket: Tuck a Turkish towel in your carry-on and use it to cover up on a chilly plane.

15. Beach Towel: Pack several of these light and quick drying towel at the beach.

16. Seat Cover: Protect your legs and bottom from hot, cold and dirty seats.

17. Hair Towel: A Turkish towel dries hair quickly and safely. It won't damage your hair and won't feel too heavy on your neck.

18. Sarong: Wrap it around your torso as a dress or around your hips as a skirt. Tuck it or tie to to keep it in place.

19. Nursing Cover: Give privacy for you and your baby. Don't forget a small hand towel for spit up!

20. Shawl/Scarf: Wrap a Turkish towel around your shoulders or neck for comfort and warmth. Perfect for travel.