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About Us Elile Loom Organic Turkish Towels

Organic and Pure as Designed by Nature

Elile means "by hand" in Turkish and it's also the perfect contraction of my daughters' names—Ellie and Lexie. Elile Loom's line of Turkish towels are hand-woven by local artisans with 100% GOTS certified premium organic Turkish cotton. The cotton is never treated with chemicals and never manipulated with anything synthetic or mechanical. Our towels are pure, nonirritating and hypoallergenic and as such are ideal for even the most sensitive skin. 

I discovered Turkish towels on my family's trip to Turkey in the summer of 2018. My husband had recently been diagnosed and treated for Acute Myeloid Leukemia and as a result, my family was focused on transitioning to a cleaner, more sustainable, less processed and toxic lifestyle. 

Did you know that cotton in its natural state is antibacterial? So, our products which are never treated with chemicals or synthetics and only dyed with natural colors are actually antibacterial and nonirritating. These Turkish towels are all that and super chic and luxurious at the same time! In addition, they are incredibly absorbent and fast drying. Did you know that Turkish towels can absorb 3 times their weight in water? So, our 11 oz towel can absorb 1/4 gallon of water!  They are flat, thin and lightweight and so easy to store, pack or carry around. They are multipurpose too- use a Turkish towel as a beach or bath towel, scarf, lightweight throw, sarong and more! Finally, they are durable and get better and softer with use. 

Turkey's long history in woven artistry is celebrated in Elile Loom's line of Turkish towels, blankets, robes, ponchos and more. Additionally, a portion of every purchase goes back to fund a technical school for weavers in Turkey, thereby sustaining the art of hand-looming. I hope you love these towels as much as I do! 
Welcome to Elile Loom and thank you.
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